Smart Home Automation from Infiniti Air

Enhance and extend your heating, ventilation and air conditioning products with home automation add ons.
Smart thermostat

Choose from our wide selection of WiFi enabled smart thermostats and control your heating and cooling equipment from anywhere. You can also receive alerts and notifications about the energy performance of your units and possible malfunctions.

Set alerts for upper and lower temperature extremes for peace-f-mind when away on vacation.

Leak detector

Stay dry with WiFI leak detectors. When placed in common problem areas like near older water heaters or underneath sinks and water dispensing fridges, the leak detector will sound an audible alarm and send a notification to your smart phone.

WiFi smoke and CO detector

Wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors help to keep your family safe, both at home and away. These combination devices will make audible alarm sounds when triggered and send alerts to your mobile devices. They are also interconnected if you install multiple detectors, meaning that if one is triggered it will sound off all of the alarms.

smart outlets and switches

Smart outlets and light switches allow you to control lights and appliances from anywhere your connected smartphone, tablet or computer might be. Timer applications will allow you to set schedules around turning lights on and off to allow you to create the illusion of being home when away on vacation.

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