The MXZ/PUMY range of multi-split outdoor units enables a whole range of air conditioning and heat pump solutions to be achieved. The latest inverter technology guarantees energy-saving operation and ultra-low operating costs. Energy-efficient heating mode is also possible, thanks to the heat pump function and an operating range down to outside temperatures of as low as -15 °C. The large range of units, with 3.3 to 18.0 kW cooling/heating capacity, allows for tailored design when connecting 2 to 6 individually controllable indoor unit models.

Wide range of indoor units

Up to eight different indoor units from the M series and Mr. Slim series can be connected to just one MXZ/PUMY outdoor unit to provide optimal air conditioning that meets the requirements of every room. The 14.0 / 16.0 and 15.5 / 18.0 kW outdoor units operate in cooling or heating mode and can be supplied with a 1- or 3-phase voltage supply.

Hyper-heating multi-split outdoor units

The new multi-split hyper-heating outdoor units make units available with a particular focus on heating mode.

  • 100 % rated heat output down to -15 °C outside temperature
  • Extended application range down to -25 °C outside temperature
  • Excellent seasonal energy efficiency
  • Optimised defrost mode


Homes, offices and commercial units

Selling points

  • Energy-efficient air conditioning of up to 8 rooms
  • Wide range of indoor units
  • High efficiency ratings in cooling and heating mode
  • 14.0 and 16.0 kW units in 400 V models

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