Provide an added solution for better indoor air quality with the Whole House HEPA filtration unit. This small, compact unit can be installed on the existing ductwork of your furnace/air handler or can be used as an independent system mounted in the attic, crawl space or closet.

HEPA filters down to 0.3 microns and is 99.97% effective with a fresh filter, and traps pathogens, bacteria, many viruses (98% according to MIT including flu), mold spores, dust, allergens, smoke and odours and more. Silver infused HEPA filters, as silver has natural antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties.

Why purchase a HEPA Air Cleaner?

    • Indoor pollution levels can be 25 times and occasionally 100 times more polluted than outdoor air, according to the EPA.
    • A High Efficiency Media or Electronic Air Cleaner is not enough to filter the millions of pollutants generated and infiltrating our homes daily. A HEPA Air Cleaner combined with an Electronic or Media Air Cleaner will provide much finer air filtration.
    • In the event of world disaster such as biological warfare or nuclear fallout, the HEPA Air Cleaners can capture biological contaminants, along with radioactive dust. An ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure.
    • Allergy, asthma or respiratory sufferers will feel a significant difference in air quality.
    • Housekeeping time will be drastically reduced.
    • New home owners and renovators will be greatly protected from the excessive dust and odours off-gassed from new carpets, construction materials, paints, etc.
    • Households with pets, offensive cooking odours and mustiness will find a noticeable difference in air quality.

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